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Cosco Green Soap 8oz Natural Detergent

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Cosco Green Soap Natural Detergent is a natural disinfectant liquid detergent that is great for cleaning the skin before a tattoo, shop clean-up, and stencil transfer

Effective detergent and cleaner for skin, surgical instruments, and tattoo equipment before sterilization

Factory-bottled and undiluted and Made in the USA

Made from pure vegetable oils, glycerin, and lavender so it is biodegradable, environmentally safe

Cosco Green Soap Natural Detergent has been around since 1966 and is used by more tattoo artists than any other brand

Diluting Suggestion:

  • For general use - mix 1 part soap to 8 parts distilled water
  • For cleaning instruments before sterilization - mix 1 part soap to 16 parts distilled water
  • For use as a shampoo or hand cleanser - use full strength