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Transparent Adhesive Tattoo Wound Aftercare Bandage

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$21.95 - $25.29
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Size: 4" x 393.8"

Transparent Adhesive Tattoo Wound Aftercare Bandage is a medical grade healing bandage for professional tattoos and wound care

  • reduces healing time
  • breathable, gas permeable design facilitates proper healing and reduces risk of infection
  • locks natural body fluids and enzymes in to keep your skin moist
  • prevents scabbing, fading, itching, and pain
  • impenetrable barrier keeps out water, dirt, and germs
  • will stay adhered to skin while showering or working out
  • protects against friction
  • protection while tossing or turning in bed
  • light and flexible for full range of motion
  • tattoo colors remain more vibrant
  • latex free - hypoallergenic
  • sterile wrapped

Sizes Available:

  • Roll 4 inch x 393.8 inch
  • Roll 6 inch x 196.92 inch
  • Roll 8 inch x 196.92 inch

Instructions for Use:

  1. After the tattoo is finished, clean and dry the skin
  2. Cut the transparent adhesive to fit the tattooed portion of the skin, overlapping each edge by at least 1 inch
  3. Peel apart the outer packaging
  4. Place on skin
  5. Peel off the last layer of packaging
  6. Leave the first bandage on for 24 hours
  7. Remove bandage, clean the tattoo with soap and water, then allow to air dry
  8. Apply second sheet of Transparent Adhesive Tattoo Wound Aftercare Bandage
  9. Leave second sheet on for 3-7 days (depending on healing time)
  10. Remove bandage and clean with soap and water
  11. If the tattoo isn't fully healed, apply another sheet and leave on for 2-3 additional days